SkyBus #tbay – A Gondola lift for the Waterfront

We’re building more parking!

I’ve been following the development of the Waterfront Phase 2 plans with keen interest. Friends of mine know I have a chip on my shoulder about parking in Thunder Bay— specifically we have too much of it. Data supports me on this. According to the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative we have more parking spaces per capita than any other city in Ontario. We can’t stop paving paradise. It’s just one more piece of evidence underscoring that we have a car (actually pickup truck) addiction in this city and it continually erodes our livability. So needless to say when I learned that the Phase 2 plan called for the turning of acres of lakeshore parkland into hundreds more parking spaces that will remain empty the vast majority of the time I once again dropped my metaphorical burrito in disgust.

As I’ve said thousands of times before this city needs to build pretty much anything but car infrastructure. Our road utilization is remarkably low and our parking lots sit empty and rob municipal coffers of tax revenue because they’re non productive. And ugly. All we need to do is think outside the box. So here’s one way to do that for Marina Park.
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